Ten Best States to Get a Job With a Nonprofit

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What It Is: This is a comprehensive list of the top 10 states to find nonprofit work in.

Why It Matters To You: This ranking offers a comprehensive assessment of which states are the best to find employment at a nonprofit (NPO). The placement of each state in the rankings is determined by three factors: the number of NPOs incorporated in each state per capita, the percentage of workers in each state employed by NPOs, and the overall unemployment rate of the states.

Considerations: Something to be aware of is that the “location” of a NPO is where it’s incorporated — it doesn’t necessarily do its business in that state. So one of the more telling stats to compare this to is how many people are employed by NPOs in that city. New York’s Lawyers for Public Interest notes that the state heavily regulate nonprofit formation and operation — so they say “it’s not uncommon for a NPO corporation operating in New York to be incorporated in Delaware.”

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Key Sample Findings

  • 2017 Ranking - New York is far and away the best state to find nonprofit work because of the amount of jobs in New York City.


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