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Which law firms have the highest profits per partner? Which have the happiest associates? Which law firms are the best places for career development? Which are the top in-house legal departments? What companies are the best places for women to work or most committed to diversity and inclusion? What other options are there for attorneys? And what about important rankings for law schools, whether JD, LLM, or other programs?

Wouldn't it be nice if all the important rankings of law firms, corporate legal departments, companies, management consulting firms, and other legal employers were all in one place?

We thought so too.

That's why we're working hard at this curated master index of the legal sector's best rankings. So if you're a lawyer deciding between law firms, or you're an attorney considering moving from a firm to an in-house gig, or you're a law student preparing for on campus interviews, or you're just curious about the best law firms and companies to work for, then you've come to the right place. 

We've collected, organized, tagged, and evaluated those lists so you can don't have to. Instead, you can research, compare, and get the information you need to move your legal career forward. Here in Law Industry section of, you can find the best schools to go to and the best employers to work forbased on the criteria most important to you. We've divided our content into three major groups, each with its own relevant categories:

So wander about. Enjoy. Let us know what we've missed, or just say hello. And don't forget to tell your lawyer and law student friends to stop by.


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Editor's Choice Rankings

For Editor’s Choice, we’ve looked at rankings that caught our eye, either for uniqueness or for filling a role that had been previously ignored.

Best Law Firm Rankings

Law Firms by All Around Performance

Which firms are the top all-around players in the industry? These firms, both BigLaw and mid-sized, can handle the job, no matter what it is. And they're great training grounds for attorneys.

Law Firms by Size and Financial Performance

Which are the biggest, richest, most money making-est law firms in the U.S. or in the world? Find out who's making the big bucks.

Law Firms by Practice Areas

Firms' practice areas matter. If you're an intellectual property lawyer, then you'll want to go to a firm that excels in IP. You may be less concerned about its real estate practice group.

Law Firms by Attorney Experience

One of the best ways to determine what your experience at a law firm will be like is to find out what the attorneys already working there have to say. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Law Firms by Geography

Are you looking to live and practice in a particular region? Wondering who stands out among their co-located peers? Find the firms who thrive in your corner of the map.


Law Firms by Diversity and Representation

Not all firms have made equal gains towards inclusion for women, minorities, LGBTQ, and other special interest groups. Shine a light on the players who have led the pack or lagged behind in the pursuit of equity to find a place where you can thrive.

Best Company Rankings

Companies by All Around Performance

From corporate behemoths to boutique firms, these are the players to watch for both in terms of financial success and desirable workplace experiences.

Companies by Size and Financial Performance

It all comes down to profitability. Which companies are leading the way in their field or industry in terms of financial performance?

Companies by Industry

Want to go into consulting? Or is something tech-related more you? Find the companies that excel in each industry.

Companies by Employee Experience

Who best to tell you what it’s like to work somewhere than the employees themselves? Get the inside scoop in all its unfiltered glory.

Companies by Geography

Have your heart set on New York – or, maybe, Ohio? Find out which companies stand apart from their peers in your region.

Companies by Diversity and Representation

Looking for a more inclusive workplace? Here are the companies that thrived (and those that didn’t) in making gains for women, minorities, LGBTQ, veterans, and others.

Companies by Innovation / Up & Comers

Who are the companies to watch? Who has the it factor? Find out which companies are making strides in the marketplace and have the potential to be the next big name.


Best Law School Rankings

Academia & Law Schools

Considering law school? Not sure which law school is best for you? Rankings lets you compare schools to find the best JD or LLM program for your needs.