Women Partner Watch

What It Is: An annual firm-by-firm look at the percentage of women elected partner at Am Law 100 and 200 firms.

Why It Matters To You: This survey lets you know what progress law firms are making in terms of gender equity in hiring.

Considerations: Retention and satisfaction of these women partners might not be reflected in the sheer numbers. The survey was retired in 2014.

Sample Key Findings

  • Women Partner Watch (2014): Honor Roll. Over the last three years the percentage of women lawyers promoted to Am Law 200 partnerships reached 32.7 percent. The last time a similar sample was examined at the start of 2012 the partner promotion rate was pegged at 30 percent. The progress, however, is spotty. Firms vary from year to year in the percentage of women they promote.


  • Women Partner Watch (2013): Gaining Ground. An interactive chart that represents The American Lawyer's latest attempt at answering a simple question: How many women make partner at the nation's largest law firms these days?

  • Women Partner Watch (2012): A firm-by-firm look at the percentage of women elected partner at Am Law 100 and 200 firms in this year's round of promotions.

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  • For This Year's New Partners, Perseverance Pays (2012): An analysis of newly promoted partners at some 100 Am Law firms shows that one out of three are women, that the Class of 2012's average path to partner was ten years, and that more and more lawyers are taking roundabout routes to their firm's top tiers

  • Women Partners: A New Benchmark (2012): ALM editor in chief Aric Press examines how Am Law 100 and Second firms performed over a four-year period in elevating women to their partnership ranks—and what it means for both the firms and women lawyers on the partnership track.