Vault Best Summer Associate Programs

Vault Best Summer Associate Programs

What It Is: This is a ranking of best summer associate programs based on the associates’ experiences.

Why It Matters To You: Junior lawyers look back on their experiences as summer associates to rate how much fun the programs were and how effectively they prepared them for life as practicing attorneys. Decide which values matter most to you in a summer associate program.

Considerations: Junior associates are asked to provide rankings on a 1-10 scale for how well the summer program prepared the associate for life at the firm and how fun the summer associate program was. Junior associates often have limited experiences beyond their current firms and thus may not have as strong a basis for comparison.

Created By: Vault

Key Sample Findings

  • 2019 Ranking: Look at this year's top picks both overall and which programs are rated as the most fun and best at providing a realistic experience as an associate.


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