Law360 Global 20

A-List American Lawyer - All Around Law Firm Performance Rankings

What It Is: An annual ranking of the firms with the biggest international presence.

Why It Matters To You: This list profiles the 20 law firms with the greatest global reach and expertise.  Winning firms are selected based on how much they've expanded outside their home countries and the breadth, volume, and sophistication of their cross-border work.

Considerations:  Each firm must have office locations in numerous countries, and a significant portion of their attorneys and offices must be outside their home country. Firms are ranked based on five factors: the percentage of the firm's attorneys located outside its home country; the number of offices outside the firm's home country; the number of countries where the firm has at least one office; the practice area breadth of the firm's cross-border and international work; and the size and complexity of the firm's cross-border and international work.

Created By: Law360

Key Sample Findings

  • 2017 Ranking: The average firm included has grown in both number of attorneys and number of offices. A few hotspots, such as Germany, Austria, and Brazil, saw significant growth. Although, offices in Beijing, Hong Kong, London, and New York are still a must.


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