Law360 Glass Ceiling Report

A-List American Lawyer - All Around Law Firm Performance Rankings

What It Is: These rankings highlight the ways women's representation has advanced (or not) among the nation's top law firms.

Why It Matters To You: Rankings are available for best firms for female attorneys and female equity partners as well as analysis of trends within the world of law firms.

Considerations:  There is not an overall ranking for women's representation, but rather specific rankings for certain markers such as headcount. Rankings also don't measure other measures of diversity, which may provide a fuller picture. Firms are grouped within the rankings by headcount.

Created By: Law360

Key Sample Findings

  • 2018 Report: There has only been incremental growth in the representation of female attorneys at every level of a typical law firm, a result that echoes the past three annual reports.

  • The Best Firms for Women and Minority Attorneys (2018): It's the rare law firm that is consistently ahead of the pack on hiring and promoting women and minorities, according to Law360's annual headcount survey.


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