Law360 Law Firm Diversity Snapshot

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What It Is: These rankings highlight the ways diversity has advanced (or not) among the nation's top law firms.

Why It Matters To You: Rankings are available for best firms for minority attorneys and minority equity partners as well as analysis of trends within the world of law firms.

Considerations:  There is not an overall ranking for diversity, but rather specific rankings for certain markers such as headcount. Rankings also don't measure other measures of diversity, which may provide a fuller picture. Firms are grouped within the rankings by headcount.

Created By: Law360

Key Sample Findings

  • 2018 Snapshot: At every level of a typical law firm, minority attorney representation increased by less than a percentage point from last year’s survey.

  • Law360’s Diversity Snapshot: By The Numbers (2018): Efforts to increase diversity have again yielded few meaningful changes in law firm demographics, according to Law360’s annual headcount survey, even as law schools continue to enroll students of color in increasing numbers.


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  • Top Firms for Minority Equity Partners (2017): This is the first year the rankings look at not only attorneys, but equity partners to better see whether diversity among attorneys leads to diversity among higher ranks.

  • Best Firms for Women and Minority Attorneys (2017): These firms are maintaining above-average diversity at all levels when looking at race and ethnicity as well as gender.

  • Expert Analysis (2017): A stubborn vision for diversity in the legal profession.

  • Midsize Firms Lag on Diversity (2017): Midsize firms on average are the least racially and ethnically diverse, but the level of diversity also varies widely among firms in this group.