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Above The Law- Regional Law Firm

What It Is: This is a ranking that provides a targeted look at the top firms in 9 major markets: Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Silicon Valley and Washington, DC.

Why It Matters To You: Most legal careers are dependent on personal and professional connections in a particular community, each with its own courthouse culture and folkways. This might be less true for those practicing in a more “globalized” large law firm context, yet a firm’s practice and culture in one market do not necessarily translate everywhere.

Considerations: Included in this ranking are market-specific questions, inquiring about both the reputation of firms in each survey participant's city as well as each firm's desirability as a potential employer. City-specific firm choices are limited to offices with at least 50 lawyers.

Created By: Above The Law

Key Sample Findings

  • 2017 Rankings: The regional law firm rankings expand upon Above the Law's Office 100 rankings and take a look at nine specific markets and the top offices in those markets.


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