Above The Law Power 100 Firms

Above The Law- Power 100

What It Is: This ranking keeps track of the top market players today. These are the firms that set the pace on lawyer pay and compete for the wealthiest clients. These are the market leaders.

Why It Matters to You: An updated methodology for looking at market leaders beyond revenue. Firms are rewarded for maintaining low leverage, or for offering a better chance for incoming associates to eventually ascend to partnership.

Considerations: This ranking most heavily looks at reputation and compensation ratings in determining overall scores. Reputation is measured by both the reputed strength and quality of a firm’s practice and the perceived desirability of the firm as a potential employer.

Created By: Above The Law

Sample Key Findings

  • 2018 Rankings: A look at the most powerful players in the market from desirability as a potential employer to best chances to make "home-grown" partner.


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