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Above The Law- Office 100

What It Is: Most rankings compare law firms nationally or solely within specific regions. This ranking looks at specific offices and ranks them against each other and against other firms to capture the strength and relevance of major law firms in today’s market.

Why It Matters To You: Law firm rankings are important, but not all offices are created equal, even within the same firm. Some offices are standouts in their field, while others may not even be on the map. This additional information provides insights into which firm offices are more desirable and which firms have the strongest presence in specific regions

Considerations: The Office 100 blends objective data points with subjective feedback, most heavily weighing a market-specific reputation survey. The result is a more complete picture of each individual office, encompassing employee satisfaction, compensation, reputation, desirability as an employer, and data-driven measures of firm growth.

Created By: Above The Law

Sample Key Findings

  •  A law firm is not a monolith, and some offices are better than others. Find out why.
  • 2017 Ranking: Find out which prestigious firms are the strongest in each market and be prepared to find a few surprising results.


  • 2016 Rankings: See which firms had big gains.
  • 2015 Rankings: See which firm is ranked number 1 in Chicago and not in the top 100 in New York.

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