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Thinking about beginning a career in healthcare? Time for a mid-career move? Need to find that perfect workplace fit?

So much of the healthcare information out there is focused on patients as consumers. While as a healthcare professional patient care is important to you, when it comes time to get a job you want to know what your industry peers think. Researching healthcare companies as employers and workplaces requires hours of patience. Luckily we’ve done all the work for you!

We've collected, organized, tagged, and evaluated those lists so you can don’t have to. Instead, you can research, compare, and get the information you need  to move your healthcare career forward. Here in healthcare section of, you can find the best schools to go to and the best employers to work for—based on the criteria most important to you. We've divided our content into several categories:

  • Best Hospitals

  • Best Pharmacies

  • Best Biopharmaceutical Companies

  • Best Traditionally Independent Healthcare Industries - Dental and Optometry Offices

We hope you find that is a valuable tool for making informed decisions about your career choices. We are a small but mighty team so your feedback and of course recommendations of this site to your friends, family, and colleagues is invaluable. Let us know what we've missed, or just say hello.

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