Forbes Most Innovative Growth Companies

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What It Is: This is an annual list of the most innovative public companies with market values between $2 billion and $10 billion.

Why It Matters To You: Most innovation rankings are popularity contests based on past performance or editorial whims. Forbes attempts to forge a new path using a method that relies on investors’ ability to identify firms they expect to be innovative now and in the future. 

Considerations:  Companies are ranked by their innovation premium: the difference between their market capitalization and the net present value of cash flows from existing businesses. Only industries with a measurable investment in R&D and whose market value is tied more to innovation than commodity prices are included in the ranking. Previous rankings are not easily accessible.

Created By: Forbes

Key Sample Findings

  • 2017 Analysis: Technology and health care businesses dominate this year’s list, but companies from many other industries also make the cut.


  • Ranking: Check out the world's most innovative growth companies.
  • Methodology: Take a closer look at the innovation premium and the mechanics behind the ranking.

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