Which MBA?


What It Is: One of the premier MBA rankings including the usual battery of factors such as salaries, jobs available, and the prestige of the university. This international ranking includes delineations between full time MBAs, executive MBAs, and Masters in Management. 

Why It Matters To You: Students are surveyed in four main categories: open new career opportunities, which includes diversity of recruiters, placement success, and student assessment of careers services; personal development/educational experience, which includes faculty/student quality, student diversity, and educational diversity; increase in salary, considering both post-MBA salary and the salary change from pre-MBA to post-MBA; and potential to network based on alumni interaction opportunities. The categories are weighted based on importance to students.

Considerations: In addition to taking precautions to verify data collected, memory is built into the rankings by taking a weighted average of the previous years in addition to the current year. Rankings are easily sortable by region or country. The Executive MBA ranking is provided bi-annually.

Created By: The Economist

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