Bloomberg Businessweek Best Business Schools


What It Is: One of the oldest rankings of US-based full-time MBA rankings with an emphasis on job success.

Why It Matters To You: Each school’s ranking is based on surveys of recruiters, alumni, and students, as well as recent graduates’ success at landing jobs and securing high starting wages.

Considerations: Schools are both ranked and given individual ranking index scores. Index scores allow for finer differentiation between schools. In addition to providing a comparison tool, one can also compare schools based on their overall rank as well as their ranking in each one of the five components: employer survey (35%), alumni survey (30%), student survey (15%), job placement rate (10%), and starting salary (10%). Previous rankings are not easily accessible.

Created By: Bloomberg Businessweek

Key Sample Findings

  • 2017 Ranking: Harvard maintains it's first place status for the third year running.


  • Best Undergraduate Business Schools: Although the most current year's rank is unavailable, a similar ranking of undergraduate programs with a focus on eventual career paths is also available.

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